Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing: A Look at Pakistan’s Leading Firms

Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing: A Look at Pakistan's Leading Firms

Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing: A Look at Pakistan’s Leading Firms

Real Estate Marketing: real estate is undergoing a digital revolution. With more than 120,000 companies created, the real estate sector is the one that recorded the most business registrations in the last 2 years.

Depending on the sector, each year certain technologies take the place of predilection and come to revolutionize the market. To take advantage of their innovative side, they must be applied effectively. Real estate, for example, is digital with all the facets that have imposed themselves.

The world of High Tech is revolutionizing real estate

In recent decades we have witnessed a real technological revolution with the appearance of digital technology widely used in all social networks. All business sectors are therefore affected by this High Tech wave and real estate is no exception.

The sector is more and more invaded by these new technologies to the chagrin of professionals who are now forced and obliged to adapt to these new work tools in order to remain or become more efficient.

These technological innovations make the task easier

Thus, the most dynamic professionals like Al Hayyat Group of Companies (Real Estate and Marketing Company Pakistan) have quickly understood that these new tools are so powerful that they allow them to be even closer to their clients at the marketing level. They are now convinced that these technological innovations make it easier for them to offer better service to their customers and further stimulate exchanges between individuals.

All of this new software, therefore, gives them the possibility of accessing an invaluable database that was previously inaccessible. The software has thus become an essential tool for any Real Estate Marketing company worthy of the name to effectively manage its activities.

Real estate agents are therefore forced to invest in this digital field. These different tools even constitute the essential lever for their entire communication strategy. The virtual has taken so much precedence over the real these days that the website has now become the essential showcase for any agent to be credible, strengthen its notoriety, and be more offensive on the market to increase and retain its clientele.


How to integrate digital into your daily life as a real estate advisor? What are the results to be expected by working with you over a year imagine that it is not done like that in 30 seconds?

Even if it is really the most efficient vector at present, it will not revolutionize the profession at all levels. Of course, we will be able to:

  • Create links much more easily;
  • Support its notoriety;
  • Capture prospect.

But this prospect, it is necessary to work it then.

Social networks for proximity with your customers

In the current era, social networks have a determining role in the purchase decision. Before buying anything, the consumer compares products, prices, and offers, and also checks the e-reputation and the opinions of Internet users on the brand in question. This is even more valid when the investment is substantial, namely the purchase or sale of real estate. In other words, before using the services of Real Estate Marketing Company, the consumer will check his credibility and the opinions circulating about him. These round trips are mainly made on social networks. Real estate brands must therefore take care of their e-reputation and develop a social sphere (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Indeed, social media are essential to support for promoting your services and communicating between you and your prospects/customers. Compose your social sphere according to your objectives and your clientele.



We have more and more customers and sellers who entrust us with their property because they have seen us on social networks. This was not possible at all a few years ago. But today people come to see us because they see a form of dynamism, energy, and transparency that they don’t necessarily see in other agencies. They manage to put a face to a company and that is extremely important. This is personal branding. It allows you to be emotional, authentic, to show everything that comes out naturally.”

Video: the ally of your real estate marketing

By 2019, 80% of global internet traffic will be sourced from video content. Thus, integrating video into your real estate marketing strategies maximizes your chances of being visible to your target. On this subject, Think with Google indicated that nearly 50% of Internet users watch videos related to a product or service before purchasing it. In addition, publishing a well-designed marketing video optimizes the natural referencing of your website. As a professional, you can, for example, broadcast 3D real estate promotion videos to allow your customers to make immersive virtual tours.


The challenge of this content creation is to attract potential customers, the famous leads, to then exploit the data of your sector.

Data is the black gold of the years to come for a real estate professional. Why? When you master the data of your sector, you control the achievement of everything related to the personal objectives of prospects. Let’s look at what happens to a real estate agent who goes through an ad portal.

The portals collect a lot of data on the Internet user, on his sector when property advertisements are posted. But, the agent in question does not recover them and he will have to pay to better position himself in referencing. If, on the other hand, you are the one collecting this data, you have control over your sector as a real estate professional.

Email is currently the most powerful tool for converting to digital.

Another example of a common situation: is in your busy schedule, an estimate is withdrawn. All you have to do is consult your email database to reschedule another appointment without wasting time or spending money.”

The website has become a real business card

According to specialists in communication and market networks, an overwhelming majority of potential customers prospect. And begin their investigations on the Internet to find the business they are looking for. Social networks – high tech visibility on Google and on social networks is therefore essential.

The website has thus become a real professional business card and even much more than that. This then becomes the real source of credibility and the reference par excellence of the seriousness and efficiency of the real estate agent. The Real Estate Marketing Company’s website must therefore be a true reflection of it both in terms of ethics and market referencing. It should not be static but alive and dynamic. Internet users are sensitive to opinions posted on the Internet.

Too many negative reviews can scare away potential customers. The commercial strategy nowadays has completely changed. Less and less use is made of publications printed on paper in favor of virtual publications. This also goes in the direction of saving energy and raw materials. Postal mail is also much less used, as is the traditional fax in favor of sending e-mail and, where appropriate, text messages. So virtual media eventually took over. To check this revolution for further detail visit Leading firm Al Hayyat Group of Real Estate and Marketing Company in Pakistan.

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