Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar

Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar

Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar

Are you ready to be a part of the next big concept in Peshawar? AlHayyat Mall set to shake up the industry. With over 40 National & International brands, 3 Basement Car Parking, 5 floors of commercial shops, and 2 floors of residential apartments, this is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. It’s an investment you won’t want to miss out on.

Networking is a Matter of Service

Digitization is currently the most important trend when it comes to the future of retail and shopping centers. A lot has been experimented with in recent years to reach mobile, and digital customers and invite them to stay longer. However, the question of the basic requirements for a pleasant shopping experience was often left out. The digital innovations preferred by the customer are often those that take place more in the background, for example in the transmission of information, in logistics and payment, or before and after the visit to the shopping center, for example through inspiration via social media in advance. Convenience through technology – this is precisely the aspect that younger buyers, at least, have been least satisfied with so far.

 Types of Stores your Mall Should Consider

As any retail property management firm knows, the success of any project depends on finding the right mix of tenants. Because the right combination not only attracts more visitors but also causes customers to visit more stores during their visit so that they stay longer and potentially spend more.

When planning the optimal mix of tenant categories, the challenge lies in the fact that not all malls are created equal. A variety of factors determine which store types are most popular – from global and regional locations to local demographics, to whether the Shopping Mall is in or out of the city center.

The Best Shopping Mall of the Future

The increasing range of shopping options on the Internet has not only changed how we shop but also where we shop. This trend is causing concern among retail investors and staff. In fact, this development offers us the unique opportunity to plan the perfect shopping center of the future. Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar is a shopping center that caters to the needs of buyers and sellers alike.

Experience Center Instead of Department Store

A number of things are already changing in the orientation of shopping centers. The development is clearly moving away from the pure point of sale. Instead of rowing up shops, modern shopping centers contain cafés, cinemas, and feel-good offers. In the ideal shopping center of the future, “the goods and the sales process are only the technical by-products of a customer relationship in which the focus is on use and experience”. In other words, the customer comes to have fun and brings money to retailers.

Al Hayyat Shopping Mall

The shopping center represents a concentration of several shops in one location. The attractiveness for customers increases due to the spatial proximity since they can combine several errands during one visit. In this way, the shops open up higher visitor frequencies due to their physical proximity to one another.

Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar presents

  • The future of shopping centers
  • High customer service
  • High entertainment and experience factor
  • The high value of orientation and convenience

Concepts with a Future are Missing

Over the past 15 years, work has been going on at full speed to build and design the leisure consumption temple.

What we do know is that the customer doesn’t just want to experience classic retail formats, they also want quality of stay, inspiration, and an experience. In addition, more and more formats are pushing into the shopping malls that can otherwise only be found in the countryside.

Shopkeepers Choose the Best Malls

A survey shows where tenants in shopping centers are most satisfied. Large centers do particularly well here. You value

  • Certified fire behavior
  • Low-emission building products
  • Building Certification
  • Slip resistance
  • Extremely resilient floors for large numbers of visitors
  • Protection of high-quality floors

The function

The size of the shopping center must match its function (local, regional or national importance). The threshold sizes must be observed. The market potential must not be exhausted, and the competition must not be too dense. It is essential to weigh up the achievement of synergy effects, for example when settling in the immediate vicinity of an existing specialist retail center on the one hand and the saturation of the catchment area with offers on the other. Whereby crowding out is also a marketing strategy.

The Site

The accessibility in accordance with the function must be given. The visibility and the connection to existing pedestrian flows (in the inner-city area) must not be missed. In the regional and supra-regional areas, the transport connections must be well designed and, with a view to expansion, also be able to cope with the corresponding capacities.

The Parking Lots

Just having parking spaces is not enough. These must also be easy to reach, wide and clear. If parking becomes a pain, the idea of ​​going shopping in the city is a good idea – it’s also difficult to park there. The anger about the lack of parking space or about the far too wide parking lot can destroy the desire to buy even before entering the shopping mall. In the worst case, the potential customer turns off and drives home.


The market for shopping centers is stagnating in Pakistan. The task now is to optimize and revitalize existing centers. Only those who use future technological trends to offer the best possible customer-oriented service to visitors will be successful.

Location is no longer everything, proximity to the customer is all the more important. Shopping malls of the future not only fit into their surroundings architecturally but also have to interact with the local community. Alhayyat Mall: The Best Shopping Mall in Peshawar is the example of future best mall in Pakistan. The sustainability megatrend not only leads to environmentally friendly and resource-saving construction and maintenance, but also to events relating to sustainable topics and a tenant mix that shares these values.

Temples of consumption are becoming lifestyle hubs. Shopping is just one of many options for visitors. The quality of stay can be improved by developing hybrid concepts – with a mix of retail, gastronomy, entertainment, education, and health offers.

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